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Hank Hanegraaff

Hendrik “Hank” Hanegraaff (born 1950), also known as the “Bible Answer Man”, is an American Christian author and radio talk-show host. Formerly an evangelical Protestant, he joined the Eastern Orthodox Church in 2017. He is an outspoken figure within the Christian countercult movement, where he has established a reputation for his critiques of non-Christian religions, new religious movements, and cults, as well as heresy in Christianity. He is also an apologist on doctrinal and cultural issues.

Hank Hanegraaff’s radio program is streamed on  There are not many individuals who know the Bible as well as Mr. Hanegraaff and his knowledge and humility is shown in his willingness to reinterpret the Scriptures in light of what the early Christians of the earliest centuries (Church Fathers) have always taught and believed.