was created in hopes of portraying Christian music and ministry in the way that Jesus intended, to be done “freely with no expectation of being repaid”.  When Jesus sent out His disciples to minister, He told them not to carry a wallet, and to freely give to others since they freely received themselves (Matthew 10:8-10).  The revivals throughout the ages always have one key element to them: the leaders and preachers who pioneered those moves of the Spirit were never greedy for money.  During the last revival in America, called the Jesus Movement in the 1960s and 70s, the contemporary Christian music industry was born.  It started as a bunch of converted hippies writing Christian rock music, for which they would perform for free (along with gospel preaching) in open spaces and venues.

There was never any assumption that these musicians would be paid because they saw their ministry as serving the Lord, and not man.  But something happened in later decades where record producers saw an opportunity to exploit the Christian music that was coming from this revival and commercialize it.  Fast forward to today, and it’s not uncommon that you must pay for Christian worship albums and concerts and none of us really think twice about it.  Much of the Christian music being produced is for profit, not necessarily because it’s inspired Spirit-led worship (although we’re certain some still is).

Not to mention, many preachers are money hungry and manipulate their flock to give them money that they steward unwisely, with private jets and mansions, or even just fruitless, pointless upgrades to the church building while the people in the church starve for God’s word. is a completely volunteer-led, commercial-free, free music and preaching app for Christians all over the world (wherever religious freedom is valued).  We want to promote revival, understanding that it begins in each Christian’s heart individually.  Therefore, we want to promote the pursuit of holiness, Christlikeness, and loving God and neighbor.  Rich, the founder of, funded this project with his own money from his successful business efforts.  We have two pastors on staff that work at, but they are paid directly by Rich’s contributions to the ministry.  No monies donated by listeners will be used for any other purpose than to pay social media costs for promoting the radio station and getting it to more Christian listeners.

You will hear music from contemporary Christian bands of today, going back even to the 1970s during the Jesus Movement.  Rich wanted to create a radio station that he could listen to that had more than just fluffy songs and no substance.  The goal of is to balance sound Bible teaching and exhortation with worship music that can draw us nearer to God.  The void in the Christian radio industry is either that it focuses exclusively on Bible teaching, or exclusively on music.  We wanted to create a mixture of both.

We appreciate the diversity of the body of Christ, but want to steer clear from controversial political or doctrinal topics and focus exclusively on the Scriptures, worship, and personal discipleship.  We hope you will join us on this journey of Christ-discovery where we are changed into the image of God’s dear Son together.

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